ORGANIZERS : Association of Modellers of Czech Republic, in co-operation with the Aeromodeller Club Plasy

DATE : Arrival June 1st to departure June 9th 2019

VENUE : Svetce (district of Tachov) – the largest Czech horse riding hall and the second largest horse riding hall in the Central Europe (right after the Spanish Riding School in Vienna) from 1858, where 2007, 2011, 2013, 2016, 2018 Czech F1D Championship with international participants and 2014, 2015, 2017 international contest F1D were held.

RULES : CIAM General Rules, Sporting Code Volume F1 and FAI Code of Ethics

NATIONAL TEAM : Each national aeroclub/federation may enter a team consisting of : team manager, team manager assistant, maximum 3 senior competititors, maximum 3 junior competitors, 2017 reigning European Champion seniors, 2017 reigning European Champion juniors (if he is still a junior), one timekeeper, helpers, supporters, press representatatives.

FAI LICENCE : Each competitor and TM must possess a valid FAI licence for 2019, registered in the FAI data base.

Anti doping Quote from the FAI Anti-doping regulations: If you regularly take medition prescribed by your doctor and this meditication is on the WADA Prohibited List, you need to get a form called a TUE (therapeutic use exemption) filled out by your doctor. International level athletes must send the form to the FAI Secretariat. National level athletes send it to their National Air Sport Control.

JUNIOR AGE : A competitor is considered to be a junior up to and including the calendar year in which he attains the age of 18. All other competitors are classed as seniors.

F.A.I. Jury : ANDRAS REE, Hungary – President of the FAI Jury IVAN HOREJSI, Czech Republic – Member of Jury GEORGE ARGHIR, Romania – Member of Jury



300 EUR /senior competitor, TM, TM assistant/

250 Eur /junior competitor/

60 EUR /helper, supporter/

These fees cover the participation in the E.CH., access in the Svetce (contest area) during June 2nd-9th and souvenirs.

TIME KEEPERS : Each team may enter one timekeeper for whom the Organizers will provide free board and lodging, souvenirs and banquet. Each timekeeper should have 2 stopwatches and is supposed to know basic technical English.

BOARD AND LODGING : More details in Bulletin 2

Park Hotel Tachov Zámecká 1395, 347 01 Tachov 1 person / 1 night including breakfast 25Euro

Restaurace, hotel Olympic Pivovarská ulice 1371, 347 01 Tachov 1 person / 1 night including breakfast 25Euro

REVIS, vzdělávací středisko Tachov – ubytování Školní 1094, 347 01 Tachov

BANQUET : 30 EUR / pers senior, 25EUR / pers junior

AWARDS : The Organizers will offer FAI madals, diplomas and cups to the first three individual and team classification, juniors and seniors, including team managers.

Trophy : The following trophies will be awarded : Current holder : F1D Senior individual „Challenge Cup“ Treger Ivan, Slovakia F1D Senior Team „Hunindoor Cup“ Romania F1D Junior Individual „Champion of Europe“ Bulai Călin, Romania F1D Junior Team „Transitional Cup“ Romania

THE HALL : The contest is organized in renovated building of one of the biggest riding horse school in Europe.The building was built in 1858-1860 by family Windischgrätz. Eeach competitor must obey the local rules of the site. The space is not heated. Height : 23m Length : 20m Width : 40m Average temperature : 18 – 20 oC


June 1st, Saturday – arrival, accomodation, registration, training day

June 2nd, Sunday – arrival, accomodation, registration, training day

June 3rd, Monday – training day, opening ceremony

June 4th, Tuesday – training day, technical meeting

June 5th, Wednesday – round 1 + 2

June 6th, Thursday – round 3 + 4

June 7th, Friday – round 5 + 6

June 8th, Saturday – (reserve day), prize awarding and closing ceremony, banquet

June 9th, Sunday – departure Prelimitary Entry Form should be sent to the Organizers no later than of January 31st 2019

At the same time, the Enty Fees for Team Manager, Team ManagerŚ Assistant, Senior Competitors, Junior Competitors, Helpers, Supporters, should be send to the following bank account no later than the 1st of March 2019. Payments sent after the 1st of March will be subject of a fine : 2nd March – 1st April 10% fine 2nd April – 1st May 15% fine 2nd May – 1st June 20% fine The bank comission is in charge of sender.

BANK Account : account details will be in Bulletin 2 KB Plzen – stred, exp. Tremosna SWIFT : KOMBCZPPXXX IBAN : Title : ECH F1D ENTRY FEES

OFFICIAL LANGUAGE : English and Czech

PRESS ACCESS The access in the Svetce of press reprezentatives, photographers, etc., will be free of chargé and allowed only in the special designed area of the contest, after being instructed by the Contest Director. Depending on the internet connection in the Svetce, the results will be posted during the contest or, if no internet connection, in every evening.

OTHER INFORMATION : Tachov – GPS 49°47’43.003″N, 12°38’1.147″E Světce – GPS 49.8027947N, 12.6069211E

VISA REQUIREMENTS : For EC countries (Schengen) – no visas. In case of doubt, please enquire in your country.

Highway D5 : from Germany – Border Waidhaus/Rozvadov, after Exit136, 13km on street nr.198 to city Tachov from Czech Republic – after Plzen, exit 128, 13km on street nr.199 to city Tachov Svetce are 3km to west from city Tachov on street nr.199

PROTEST FEE : 50 EUR All protests must be presented in writing in English to the Contest Director of the competition, ort he appropriate Contest Director for competitions with multiple classes and must be accompanied by the deposit of a fee. The amound of this fee shall be the equivalent of 50 EUR. The deposit is returned only if the protest is upheld.

Model processing will be done according to C.12 rule in the Sporting Code (quoting rule F1.3.2. the Volume F1 for 2019): „Indoor free flight duration models must be processed before each flight to confirm that the models meets the dimensional and weight requirements of the class. Rubber motors are to be weighed before o rafter the flight to confirm that these are within the specification.

National flag and anthen The Team Manager is requested to bring one national flag of 1×1,5m. The flags will be collected during the team´s registration and returned after the closing ceremony. The Team Managers will confirm their anthem at the registration.

Documents for registration : Competitor´s FAI Licence valid for 2019, registered in the FAI data base A copy of team´s banking payment receipt One national flag 1×1,5m Valid ID card

INSURANCE Union of Modellers of Czech Republic will provide a limited third-party liability insurance covering all competitors for model accidents involving injury to others and damage to property. Union of Modellers of Czech Republic and the local organizers are not responsible for any kind of injury, loss, theft or damage to people or property. For the European Championship competitors will be covered by a “third party” liability insurance according to the FAI rules. It is recommended that individual health and travel insurance be purchased before traveling.

Contact address : Mail : Union of czech modellers, LMK Plasy, Pod nadrazim 128, 33101 PLASY, Czech Republic Email :

The organizing comittee

Ivo Kornatovsky Contest Director

Jízdárna ve Světcích

The largest Czech horse riding school and the second largest horse riding school in the Central Europe (right after the Spanish Riding School in Vienna). The building of Riding School in Světce combines elements of an industrial architecture with the imagine of an aristocratic building. The Riding School is equipped with a very remarkable roof with a so-called lantern – a prismatic skylight, which brings the most lighting to the Riding Hall. In 1861, the whole building had to be simply just a revelation. The layout was completely subordinate to the purpose – the riding hall contained a forge, warehouses, coal store, blacksmith´s apartment, manure removal areas (shores directly to the wagons), lodges, wardrobes and living rooms with toilets, which were situated upstairs. The horse riding hall was able to accommodate 24 horses. The Riding School provided a unique backdrop for horses, visitors and riders. The most beautiful room is the princely lodge, from where was, as in the past, the most beautiful view of the Riding Hall. Original owner: General Alfred Windischgrätz, son of doctor of law Alfred II Windischgrätz. The construction of the building took 2 years from 1858 to 1860. After his father´s death Alfred II stopped his activities with construction of buildings. The horse riding school was completed but the chateau was only half done. Horse riding school: the length of the building – 60.2 m, the width – 52 m, the total height – 26.3 m, the enclosed space – 33.715 cubic metres, the hall itself 20 x 40 m (hinged roof – wooden frame arches), height 23 m the using of the slope into which the contruction is established a demanding technical architecture – Romanesque and Gothic style. 17.12.1981 was the building removed by the Ministry of Culture from the list of monuments of cultural heritage. 7.3.1991 the building was returned back in the list of monuments of cultural heritage.